The North American Veterinary Community exists to find and support things that will make the world a little bit better than it was yesterday for the entire community that serves animal health with pride and passion.

That community includes pets, pet owners, veterinarians and their staffs, manufacturers, researchers, and more. The NAVC reaches them with live events, online education, printed journals, and digital platforms.

The Project

The NAVC came to us with a community 500,000+ strong, in more than 100 countries. They needed a platform that could speak to that entire community.

The Vision

Our goal was to further the NAVC’s mission and deepen brand authority by repositioning the NAVC inside of the veterinary industry as a thought leader with varied channels of veterinary education.

Professional Personality

An industry that sits at the crossroads of healthcare and doggos is the perfect opportunity for bringing serious and fun together.

Bright colors and endearing animal imagery complement quality education and industry advocacy. The site reflects the multi-faceted passion of its community.

NAVC Web Design

Our world is changing fast. The NAVC is here to help make it change for the better.

With the launch of its new global online community, NAVC can amplify the industry’s collective reach and impact on the community it serves and the world we share.


Better Care for Animals Everywhere