In this life, we are the ones who get to be a sturdy bridge to a better place. We get to be a life-giving stream to those around us. We are the ones who are called to be a massive, never-ending spring that feeds the many.

In our relationships and partnerships, we get to be the difference for the disenchanted.

We get to bring strength to the unstable, hope to the hopeless, a path to the misplaced, and nourishment to the neglected. We get to be the ones who are able to experience what it means when it says that “it is better to give than to receive.”

Children’s Home Society sees a world where children realize their full potential. Their mission is to build bridges to success for children.

Puttin’ On the Ritz is Gainesville’s premier black-tie affair. It’s an evening of celebrating the difference that CHS makes in the lives of children, and furthering that mission through support and fundraising.

For the 31st Annual Puttin’ On the Ritz, CHS chose PHOS to create a brand campaign centering around their mission.


We began by unpacking both CHS’ mission and our own experiences in childhood. The dreams we had, and the opportunities we had to pursue them. And the enchantment and wonder that came when we explored those opportunities.


We created the theme of Enchantment around the childhood experience we all share. An experience of exploration, of wonder, and of magic.

The visual elements of the theme convey the ethereal wonder of possibility. Reminiscent of the natural beauty of Florida’s springs, the campaign included such elements as fairytale typography and abstract artwork for an immersive campaign.

Campaign artwork included all visual and supporting graphics, including posters and signs, invitation print collateral, programs and sponsor packets, and digital banners.

Potential and Possibility

The campaign was conveyed throughout the night. Beyond the graphics, CHS embraced the theme of enchantment in everything from supporting copy to the venue lighting.

And beyond that, attendees felt the enchantment of an evening of celebrating the potential innate in every child – and the enchantment of exploring that potential.