October 30, 2018

Be a Light

A Brand Strategy Series

We’ve named this series “Be a Light” because that’s what we do – we help organizations stand out and be a light in a saturated digital space. This four-part guide is brief, easy to digest, and actionable for businesses across all industries.

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Why Be a Light?

Think about your industry. Think about your competitors, starting with the ones you’d put in the same class as your own business.

Expand that thought to all your competitors; the scrappy startups, the long-standing corporations, the local shops, the chain stores, the high-growth new entrant to your market.

Now expand that thought further – to everyone who’s competing for your target customers’ dollar.

Outside of your industry, think of all the entertainment options, the food, the investments, the nonprofits, each who claim that what they provide is worthy of that dollar.

Line yourself up with all of them in front of that customer, and pretend they each have a chance to plead their case as your customer walks down the row.

When they get to you, what do you say? What makes you different?

And not just different – different and important, such that the customer pauses their gauntlet to hear more.

Four Ways a Brand Can Be a Light

At our agency, almost every business we work with has two goals: leads and revenue.

We may be working towards different metrics and key performance indicators for each client. It may be brand awareness, new service signups, email subscribers, etc. But in the end, each metric leads to that same bottom line.

In our competitor line-up scenario, being different and important makes somebody stop and listen. Beyond that, there are ultimately four elements of a brand that lead to the two bottom line elements of leads and revenue:

That’s the big idea of this series. Each of the subsequent parts will detail what it means for a brand to have each of these characteristics, and how to achieve them.

Be a Light - Be Different

Part 1 – How To Be Different

We’ll explore two models for focusing on what makes you unique – and how to stand out in a sea of sameness.

Be a Light - Be Important

Part 2 – How To Be Important

Being important means being important to the audience. You can be different, but why does it matter?

How To Be Trustworthy

Part 3 – How To Be Trustworthy

Why do you need to be trustworthy? Because if a brand is a company’s most valuable asset, then trust is the most valuable part of a brand.

Be a Light - Be Contextual

Part 4 – How To Be Contextual

Context is the secret sauce that can take a message from good to impactful. With the right planning, you can apply context to your marketing.

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Jon Saxton

Jon Saxton

Jon recognizes passion and works to convey that in powerful ways. With an eye toward what could be and an understanding of how, he brings energy and ideas to everything he works with.