July 3, 2023

Why Your Business Should Invest in Culture Photography

Culture photography is the art of taking photos for the purpose of telling a story about a people or a culture. What does culture photography within the business setting look like? How can you leverage it so that it benefits your business or even drive sales? Why would capturing your company’s culture through photography even matter? We’ll explore all of these questions and show you how culture photography can benefit you and your business.

Why Does Culture Photography Matter?

Culture photography can look like a cell phone picture of a team luncheon, or it can look like employee headshots taken by a professional. Both are considered culture photography; each displays the people and/or events that make up a business. They serve slightly different purposes, but both are useful in that they “humanize” the story of your business.

Why does it matter what others think of you or how they view your business’s culture? One way to put it is: the key to a man’s wallet is his heart. And the key to a man’s actions is also through his emotions. Your target audience is more likely to invest their time, energy, and money if they feel connected to your business’s brand and story.

94% of entrepreneurs and 88% of job seekers say that a healthy culture at work is vital for success.

Not only does a healthy business culture benefit employees, but it translates into the products and services a business provides. With how incredibly important company culture is, why not leverage the power it has to reach others?

How to Implement Culture Photography in Your Business

Culture photography doesn’t have to be extensive. While investing time and money in something with such power would reap great benefits, businesses don’t have to invest tons to start sharing their culture with others.

At PHOS, we place company culture as a top priority. It’s even considered one of our core values. We celebrate every milestone that an employee has. We want to celebrate with them by spotlighting them on their big day, whether it’s a birthday, work anniversary, or a new addition to their family. We post about them on Instagram, Facebook, and our other online platforms.

Implementing company culture is built into our routine. Bi-weekly, our media team and marketing team designate at least an hour for gathering content. During this time, the photographer captures moments around the office. This sometimes includes team exercises, guest speakers, random and fun ideas, or staged interactions such as a meeting or work call. It’s turned into a real team bonding experience where everyone gets involved.

Our focus isn’t solely on the fact that we build amazing websites or one-of-a-kind logos, but what we are showing is that we CARE. Of course, there’s a balance that exists between culture and product marketing in our campaigns, but lacking a people-centered approach to your marketing strategy is a major swing-and-miss.

Maybe there isn’t room in the budget to staff a media team or purchase a state-of-the-art camera. You can start simply by capturing moments with your cell phone camera and posting consistently on your Instagram story. Another option is writing a blog or sending out an email blast to your employees and/or clients that includes information and photos about your team.

What Is Threatened If You Don’t Invest?

There are multiple ways to build trust in your company. Culture photography is one very powerful way to do so. Would you want to work or partner with a company that failed to support its team or lacked acknowledgment when credit is due? Or would you like to purchase a product or service from a company’s website that only displayed what they were selling but neglected how or who made it?

A company’s relatability and credibility are at stake when they don’t acknowledge others. When team members aren’t recognized, whether for their hard work or who they are, morale plummets and frustrations build. It can very well threaten the integrity of the company.

Choosing to highlight the people and the process that make up your organization will prove to be a wise investment, not just in culture but in organizational success.

Showcase What Matters to You Through Culture Photography

Culture photography tells your story. Businesses can show others who they are and why they are in business. It sheds light on what values are important to you and offers a behind-the-scenes look at how you do business.

With people being the most important aspect of a business. It is important to remember that people want to feel important, understood, and seen. Showing that your business is more than just a money-making machine is the best way to build a successful and meaningful marketing strategy. It’s one that builds trust.

Culture photography serves many purposes and is a valuable tool that any business can implement into their marketing campaigns today. Its benefits are immeasurable and can really make a difference in the lives of employees and customers. Start sharing your business’s culture on social media or in an email blast to your customers. Make it a routine and start to see the change it will have on your business and the people who surround it.

If showcasing your business’s unique story is important to you, or you’d like to explore more ways you can build trust in your company, we can help. Through a human-centric strategy, our team will guide you through the process of valuing culture and how to share it with others.

Alyson Carr

Having taken every art class she could since she was a kid, Alyson pairs her multifaceted creative experience with her unique perspective to craft compelling visuals that serve our clients best. As a Creative Media Associate, you’ll find her on location taking photos or behind a computer color-grading and making our clients look like rock stars.

Aside from her role at PHOS, you’ll find this Florida native outdoors soaking up some sun, playing golf with her husband, or walking her dog, Tucker.