December 6, 2016

Why A Relationship with Your Marketing Agency is Essential

Think about a coworker or employee you absolutely love. What makes them so awesome? They’re killin’ it in their work, they’ve bought into the mission of the company, and they just fit like a glove with everyone in the office.

That’s what a great relationship with a marketing agency should look like.

We think of ourselves as a digital partner to our clients – buying in, fitting in, and killin’ it.

Why Relationships Matter

Sustainable success from digital marketing takes time – and, more importantly, planning.

Take SEO for example, as one of our tactics under the inbound marketing methodology. Google’s algorithm ensures that the right websites are showing up because they’re truly the best option for searchers- not just because they’ve made a few technical changes.

For that reason, we never just dive into a cookie-cutter SEO strategy. We start with understanding our clients’ goals and needs, assess where they stand currently, research and assess keyword and technical opportunities, and craft a strategy that makes sense for that client.

As a result of how Google works, traffic doesn’t start rolling in immediately. But as a result of how we work, our clients see a steady increase in organic rankings and traffic over time.

When SEO tactics are continually managed properly, your company will start attracting more, better-qualified traffic.

So, why does having a strong relationship matter? Throughout the process, you should be working with your marketing firm by sharing your vision, providing materials, updating on new events, etc.

If you’d like your ideas to become reality, you need a team that’s really listening to you and is actively taking time for your account.

By the way, it’s a really good sign when your marketing team is keeping consistent communication with you. That means that they’re truly invested in producing the right results for your business.

How to Find a Relational Agency

Choosing the right marketing agency to work with can be complicated. Not only do you generally have options within your local area but oftentimes there are marketing firms that are willing to work from long distances to serve you.

Discerning whether these firms are going remain dedicated to you couldn’t be more important in picking the right one. Here are some measurements to help you decide:

Get to know the people. When you’re in their office, how do they treat you? How do they treat each other? If you get a friendly vibe from them, and they interact with each other in the same manner that they interact with you, chances are they’re a relational firm.

Get to know the company. Check out their website. What’s their mission statement? What are their core values? Do you like their past work? What have other people said about them? If they’re getting great reviews and their core values line up with yours, they might be a perfect fit for you.

Schedule an exploration meeting. Pick up the phone and ask to sit down with them. Pay attention to how they act and listen to what they say. Are they only telling you what they can do, or are they asking you how they can best serve you? If they’re asking you plenty of questions, that’s a great sign that they’re focused on YOU.

For more information on hiring the right marketing team, check out our guide. It’s chalk-full with helpful tips in moving forward with your decision.

Outcomes of a Relationship

Once you’ve picked the right marketing agency, there will be a lot of positive growth. The first step should always be strategy and planning. Then, depending on your needs and goals, work will begin with on-site design, development, management, social advertising, creating killer, strategic content… the sky’s the limit!

What We Can Do For You

Here at PHOS, we have an awesome team dedicated to all things marketing: social media, SEO, content writing, graphic design, and much more.

But who we are is more than what we do, it’s how we do it. We strive to create relationships with growing businesses to help their customer discover, evaluate, and enjoy their products and services.

That means we don’t have one templated plan for everyone. We specifically craft a full strategy with every company.

No two clients are exactly the same for PHOS, and that’s just the way we like it.


Mitchel Sinon

As a marketing assistant, Mitchel works in all forms of marketing, from writing to SEO to social media and more. Mitchel thrives by building relationships with coworkers and clients while applying his marketing acumen to further growth with PHOS.