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Interested in hearing more from our Founder and Chief Purpose Officer, Brandon West? Connect with him on LinkedIn and send a message. Brandon would love to chat, especially if you mention that you love Mexican food or escape rooms.

Tune Into the PHOS Life & Leadership Podcast

Join us as we celebrate ten years of mission-first impact. Each episode features discussions with key people in PHOS’ past and present who have had a huge impact on our story. We’ll share our top ten life and leadership lessons learned in our first ten years through stories about marriage, building a culture, shared leadership, business as a ministry, managing purpose, and authentic branding.

Order BaaM Cards

In 2021, our team set out to be more intentional about living purposefully in all areas of our lives.

To support that mission, we developed a stack of 12 cards, one for each month, that offers a question to challenge and encourage us throughout the day. We’ve kept these on our desks, kitchen counters, and even nightstands as daily reminders.

We’ve heard from team members, their families, and those in the community about how transformative these cards have been. That’s why we give them away, free of charge, to anyone that wants a set (or more!)

It Is Not Your Business to Succeed

In a world where we cannot ensure every positive outcome we want will come to pass, should we brand every unachieved goal as a failure?

It Is Not Your Business to Succeed confronts the hollow triumphs of outcome-based thinking and exposes the profound consequences of unfaithful leadership. This book invites you to transcend traditional success metrics, advocating for a life rich in enduring impact and authentic purpose.

Embrace your journey towards redefining success and discovering your true calling in leadership.

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