2022 Business as a Ministry (BaaM) Cards

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Live More Purposefully

In 2021, our team set out to be more intentional about living purposefully in all areas of our lives.

To support that mission, we developed a stack of 12 cards, one for each month, that offers a question to challenge and encourage us throughout the day. We’ve kept these on our desks, kitchen counters, and even nightstands as daily reminders. Ever since we started this, we’ve noticed significant changes in our posture towards purpose. These cards have created synergy on our team around practical ways our mission plays out in our everyday activities and interactions. So much so that we created a brand new set and want to give them away to the community… for FREE.

Monthly Questions That Challenge and Encourage

  1. What experiences can I evaluate and learn from today?
  2. How can I invest in the health of myself and others today?
  3. What am I controlling that I should let go of?
  4. What have I been entrusted with that I am suppossed to give away?
  5. Who am I becoming in pursuit of what I want?
  6. Who is hurting today that I can bring healing to?
  7. What can I do today to move towards the person I want to become?
  8. Where can I carve out moments of silence, solitude, and reflection?
  9. Who do I need to invite into my life for accountability, encouragement, or growth?
  10. What moments do I need to treasure today?
  11. What relationship do I need to invest in more today?
  12. How can I help to cultivate joy today?

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Caroline Lentz

The BaaM cards have given me a tangible way to be intentional over this past year by seeking God, pouring into my personal relationships, and leaning into growth. Each month was a fresh chance to focus on ways to better my own life while loving others well at the same time. I am so thankful for these beautiful, thoughtfully crafted messages!

– Caroline Lentz, PHOS Copywriter

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