November 1, 2021

Avoid Content Fatigue: How to Deliver Fresh, Relevant Content

The saying goes, “Content is king,” but it can also become a huge time sink if you let it. That’s because churning out high-quality content day in and day out is challenging for even the most seasoned writer or marketer. And, if content creation or copywriting isn’t your forte or you’re in a hectic season, you’re at higher risk of developing what’s known in marketing as content fatigue

Rather than just give up altogether and miss out on the chance to keep your brand top of mind for your customers through relevant content, there are some easily actionable things you can do to deliver great content while also maintaining your sanity. At PHOS Creative, we’ve spent years helping clients deliver content that matters. Read on to learn our tips. 

Understanding Content Inundation

The noisier the world of content gets from blogs, articles, press releases, and podcasts, to name just a few, the more critical it is that the content we deliver is valuable and actually fulfills the customer’s needs or fixes their problems. 

This unrelenting proliferation of content has been called content shock by author Mark Schaefer, who defined it in this way: “The emerging marketing epoch defined when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to understand it.” In the simplest terms, the more content we’re exposed to, the less we can handle. So how do we stay sensitive to this phenomenon while still putting out the content we know will serve our customers? 

Defending Against Content Fatigue

Focus on Quality Not Quantity

Take some time to thoughtfully prepare what kind of content you want to deliver. Rather than continually pumping out the same amount of content, or even worse, increasing it, try only to release high-quality content you can be proud of and that you know accomplishes a goal. Your content piece will likely be lengthier and full of even more useful and targeted information for your customers by waiting and not publishing right away. 

Optimize Older Content

Another way to protect yourself from content fatigue is to optimize your older content, which is a worthwhile endeavor because it’s low cost, requires minimal effort, and can pay dividends in conversions. To optimize your old blogs or articles, try the following. 

You can also add a TL; DR (too long, didn’t read) to your existing content pieces to give your readers an easily digestible way to get the crucial takeaways without being overwhelmed. 

Ask for Help

Engaging a guest blogger for your content not only gives you a much-needed break but also gives your brand the chance to showcase a fresh voice and perspective. It also lets you leverage that blogger’s circle of influence, leading to more blog subscribers — and hopefully customers. And, if this blogger has their own blog and uses it to link to the one they’ve written for you, that’s another backlink you can utilize for brand growth. 

Similarly, hosting brainstorming sessions with your team can help bring new content ideas to the table. You’ll be able to discuss topics from multiple viewpoints and collaboratively land on the best idea. You’ll feel supported and perhaps even energized by the time spent ideating with other people on a task that has become draining.

Create Resources

A common misconception is that content has to be complicated. Especially when dealing with content fatigue, pivoting to provide your customers with simpler content pieces like checklists can be invaluable. 

Be Smart With Social Media 

Use User-Generated Social Media

Encourage your customers to engage with your brand by taking pictures or videos of it in action or where they encounter it. When they send you that content, you can share it on your social media channels, promoting your brand and showing that you value your customers and their opinion of your good or service. 

Unfiltered Stories for Instagram

Like the previous example, using in-the-moment posts and stories to post to your social media channels gives your brand an authentic feel that your customers will notice and appreciate. 

Don’t Be Content With Content Fatigue

Content will always be an essential driving force behind your brand’s marketing, but it doesn’t have to be painful. In addition to the tips listed here, the easiest way to avoid content fatigue is to rely on an expert team of marketers to deliver your content for you. That way, you are still reaching and engaging with your customers while focusing on the aspects of your business that you enjoy. If you’re interested in how our quality content services can help your business grow and reach your goals, reach out to PHOS Creative today. 

Caroline Lentz

Caroline Lentz

As a Copywriter, Caroline uses her background in creative writing and education to craft strong, engaging stories, using the magic of the written word to fuel purpose-driven content. She believes every company has an extraordinary tale to tell, and people should be at the heart of every “why.” When not flexing her creative muscles for PHOS, Caroline can be found chasing after her three young sons (and two puppies), hanging out with her husband, watching British mystery shows, reading a great book on the beach, or being active in her church. She loves chocolate, sports, and music, and is a hard-core Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fan.