June 11, 2024

5 Creative Social Media Content Ideas for Home Service Providers

In today’s world of social media marketing, home service businesses have a distinct challenge: how to stand out in a crowded digital landscape while engaging their audience. To truly succeed on social media channels, home service businesses must incorporate creative social media posts in their feed to forge genuine connections with their audience, spotlight their expertise, and cultivate trust.

After all, businesses are more than just the services they offer; it’s about the relationships built along the way. Read on to explore five creative ways you can supercharge your social media, one post at a time.

Before You Post, Personalize!

Regardless of the topic you’re posting about, it’s important to make sure you’re personalizing the content. The current world of social media favors unique, organic, and customized content, both in text and imagery.

Although stock images and AI can help you get good content online, social media algorithms tend to favor content that comes directly from you. In fact, some social media platforms will monitor content and can identify pictures or text that have been used in other areas before. As much as possible, try to use your own words, photos, and videos in your social media posts.

Not only does your audience want to engage with authentic content that comes from you, but the algorithm will also be more likely to put your content in front of new eyes if it thinks your posts are fresh or have never been seen before.

1. Blog Posts

Sharing blog posts and articles is an effective strategy for staying active on social media while showcasing your industry knowledge, especially for home service businesses. It’s important to provide valuable insights that can assist your audience in making informed decisions.

These blog posts should address common issues, answer questions, provide solutions, highlight the company’s unique perspective or approach, and offer DIY tips for minor issues.

By sharing these topics on social media, you’re able to position your business as an authority in the field and demonstrate a commitment to providing exceptional service and support to your customers. In turn, customers will grow to trust your brand even more.

Before turning to social media, make sure you have quality blog posts, articles, and landing pages that you can use as links. Visit our website to learn more about our copywriting process for inspiration.

2. Team Updates

As mentioned before, social media platforms tend to favor fresh, original content that engages your audience. One powerful way to craft that kind of content is by offering a glimpse into the heart of your business: your team. By showcasing the personalities, passions, and expertise of your team members, you not only humanize your brand but create a connection with your audience that goes beyond selling services.

Users crave content that resonates with them on a personal level, especially when it comes to local businesses. Don’t hesitate to share your team’s culture in your posts! This invites your audience to join in the celebration of your journey and accomplishments.

Any work anniversaries, birthdays, certifications earned, or other significant milestones make for the perfect team highlight. You can also look for reviews that highlight specific team members to share what customers think about them.

By putting people at the forefront of your social media strategy, you not only capture attention but also build lasting relationships that foster trust and loyalty.

3. How-Tos, Tips, & Tricks

As a home service business, your primary objective is most likely to sell the services that you offer to your clients. However, business is more than just selling a product or service —you need to establish trust with your clients to create a strong relationship. That way, your customers will continue coming back for more and using word of mouth to drive new customers to your business. For that reason, we recommend providing as much value as you can before the sale even happens.

An effective way to do this is by providing free tips and tricks to your audience in social media posts that cover DIY solutions to some of the problems they may face. Let your audience know that you care less about making a sale and more about improving their lives. Of course, your services may be more effective than the simple tips or tricks you offer, but offering a simple or free solution can be a great way to get your foot in the door in terms of building trust.

Social media is a low-risk way for potential customers to commit to a business. Your helpful posts can result in a “microtransaction” of a potential customer buying into what you have to offer—both in information and, eventually, your services.

4. Seasonal Services

There’s a season for everything, especially in home service businesses. Of course, some seasons come with built-in topics for you to post about, such as holidays or weather-related content. But what about your seasonal services? Whether you offer specific services for particular seasons or general seasonality affects your business, you can leverage the seasons in social media to put out unique, engaging content.

If you offer some services only in particular seasons, utilize those topics to create targeted social media posts that promote said services. It’s especially important to promote the services that are commonly needed in particular seasons, but you can also post about services that might not be as popular in the seasons to encourage more sales in those areas.

At the end of the day, you want to offer your business as the solution to a customer’s problem. When the seasons cause new issues to arise for the customer, you can step in as the trusted partner that will fix their problems. By leveraging your expertise and showcasing how your services align with seasonal needs, you can position your business not just as a service provider but as an essential ally in their buying journey.

5. Testimonials & Reviews

Social media is a great place to show your audience some behind-the-scenes content of your business, including your culture, offerings, values, and so on. However, it’s also a great place to share what other people think about your business.

You’ve probably seen other companies post reviews from their customers on social media before. But there should be true intentionality in selecting which reviews or testimonials to share online. “Golden testimonials” are the reviews customers leave that truly reflect what your target audience cares the most about.

To determine whether testimonials are “golden” or not, you first have to figure out what your customers have to say about your business. Look for recurring themes in what they appreciate about your business. Take note of these common points of praise. Also, consider the things your customers say that resonate with your core values and mission. Prioritize testimonials that highlight achievements aligned with your business’s primary focus. These endorsements not only reinforce your brand’s strengths but also provide proof of its integrity and commitment to excellence.

Once you’ve determined the biggest selling factors customers have to celebrate about your business, you can select the perfect golden testimonials to post on social media. If your customer has left a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Nextdoor, and other public channels, feel free to include the customer’s first name and potentially last initial on the post. If you’re taking a testimonial from a message sent directly to you, like from email, a spoken discussion, or another private method, be sure to ask the customer’s permission to post the review and include their name before doing so.

Elevate Your Social Media Content with PHOS Creative

Social media is a powerful tool for any business. However, home service businesses have a distinct advantage—they inherently have a local, personalized feel. This allows them to create social media content that engages customers in a personalized way.

Between creating quality content and managing your pages, social media can require a lot of resources. Let our team of experts handle your marketing needs and help you build genuine connections with your audience. Contact us today to elevate your online presence and grow your business!

Callie Marolf

As a Digital Campaign Specialist, Callie strives to integrate creativity and the latest marketing trends to build unique strategies that support her clients’ missions. She partners authenticity with innovation to establish community and exceed goals.

In her free time, Callie loves to write music, read books, and watch movies under a mountain of blankets. She also enjoys hosting game nights, trying new restaurants with her husband, and thrift shopping with friends.