July 25, 2023

Should My Website Have a Blog?

Driving organic traffic to your website is crucial in capturing new customers without breaking the bank with your marketing budget. Although this may sound like an intimidating task at first, blogging is a proven tactic you can utilize to achieve your organic traffic goals.

In this article, we will go over why you should have a blog and introduce you to some strategies to consider while writing blog posts for your website.

Will Blogging Actually Help My Website?

Recent studies done by HubSpot show that actively blogging can increase your website traffic by as much as 55%. This number may be hard to believe, but it’s true! Blogging is a practice that increases the number of indexed pages on your website, helping drive new traffic in a multitude of ways.

Writing engaging, educational content that targets your desired keywords opens up more opportunities to rank in search engine results. Blogs often include long-tail, specific keywords that are harder to write landing pages for on your website. This widens the range of search queries that your website is relevant for.

Additionally, blogging regularly shows Google that your site is active and is constantly being updated. This makes them trust your site more, and over time they will rank your blogs higher and higher on the search results page.

The Sharability of Blogs Can Turn Ordinary Website Traffic into Active Promoters

Blogs can supercharge the content on your website, providing valuable information your audience wants and driving organic leads. They are an opportunity to connect with your potential customers and establish yourself as a thought leader in your community. When your audience reads your blog, they think less about you trying to sell them a product or service, and more about how you are helping them solve a problem. This leads to many people sharing blogs on social media or with friends and family they know are having similar issues.

In addition to this, if you have social media accounts, people sharing your blog online and tagging your company page can help generate a bigger social media presence. This is especially important when you are targeting a younger audience—many of which base their purchasing decisions on what they see online or on social media.

Okay, But My Current Blog Isn’t Bringing in Traffic

Many people get discouraged after publishing their few blogs because they don’t see traffic generation in the first few weeks after posting. Don’t let this scare you!

Blog traffic can start out slow, but as you continue to post, you will see the views of your older blogs increase. Blog growth is often exponential—meaning that even if it starts off slow, over time, it grows more and more every month. As people continue to visit your site and other websites start linking to your blog, Google trusts the page’s authority and authenticity more and more. Your blog will continue to climb the rankings in search keywords, so more people will see it. Plus, search engine optimization success requires time, so be patient and continue to monitor your growth.

Pivot Your Content Strategy

If you still aren’t seeing results from your blogs months after they are posted, consider the following steps:

Repositioning your blog could help you right the ship and reach the audience you originally intended.

If you have more strategic questions, we have a skilled team of content marketers who are always down to chat through more ways to win at blogging.

How Do I Get Started?

Now that the importance of having blogs on your website is clear, it’s good to know how you should structure your blog to ensure it delivers on its purpose. Although the increased traffic blogs can bring is useful for your business, you still want that traffic to turn into leads and conversions.

This can be done by including a call to action in your blog that encourages readers to navigate to a service page on your site or fill out a contact form. This call to action should still be related to the blog and imply that you can solve the issue that originally brought them to your site. Your blog post likely was relevant to a problem facing the reader, so now it’s time to show them how your company can help even further.

Remember, you just developed trust and credibility with the reader in your blog, so your call to action shouldn’t need a lengthy sales pitch.

Give Blogging a Chance

Although blogs are incredibly important for generating website traffic, they can be hard to do efficiently and effectively at first. This is likely your heaviest content lift when crafting your marketing mix. The last thing you want is to spend so much time writing a blog that doesn’t push the needle on your goals.

That’s why our team at PHOS is here to alleviate that stress from you by crafting content that positions your organization as a trusted thought leader in your industry. Chat with us today about how we can start generating more web traffic for you!

Ethan Grand

As a marketing intern, Ethan is eager to get involved with any project and work with the team to find the right solution. He is committed to fostering relationships with clients to ensure his service and solutions are custom tailored to align with their mission.

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