Social Media Management Services for Gainesville Businesses

Meet customers where they are at with social media marketing.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for any business. Most know that social media is a great way to reach global customers, but our team knows how effective social media is for reaching your local audience—especially here in Gainesville. You can meet with the Gainesville community right through your computer or phone screen with proper social media management.

Social media marketing is more than just posting a couple of photos or captions a week—whether it’s paid or organic, social media takes careful planning and expertise to boost your engagement. With PHOS, you’ll get to work with strategic partners who have experience in growing Gainesville businesses’ social media presence. Learn how our Gainesville social media management services can help improve your marketing efforts!

Our Gainesville Social Media Management Services

There’s a lot that falls under the umbrella of social media management. When you partner with a Gainesville social media agency like PHOS Creative, you get the benefit of all the different aspects of social media marketing being handled by an expert team. We’ll figure out which social media strategies are best to focus on, so we can match your goals.

  • Campaign Creation and Tracking

    Buyer personas are often the “secret ingredient” in many of our strategies. These fictional representations of your target audiences help inform us about who we’re targeting, where they interact, and how to best grab their attention. Using this information, we’ll create targeted social media campaigns to reach your audience. Our custom-created campaigns include:

    • Identifying buyer personas
    • Strategy for both organic and paid channels
    • Messaging strategy
    • Custom graphics
    • Photography/Videography

    Our team also utilizes conversion tracking so you can understand social media’s impact on your marketing ROI. We’ll report back to you each month with metrics, so you know exactly how your campaign is performing.

  • Social Listening

    The best way to know what your target audience wants is by listening to what they have to say. Social listening allows us to do exactly that through digital means. By tracking mentions of your business, we can see exactly what your customers are saying and proactively address any needs, wants, or concerns.

    Social listening also includes watching trends within your industry. Trends can vary depending on location—for example, having the University of Florida means a lot of industry trends in Gainesville will be college-specific. A college audience will have unique needs and wants compared to other audiences. Our team takes over social listening for you to better understand your audience and adjust our strategies based on their feedback and local industry trends.

  • Proactive Reputation Management

    Our social media experts employ different tools and methods to ensure your online reputation is monitored and protected. We’ll remove undesirable or irrelevant comments from your page, ensuring that the people interacting with your page are real. We proactively check your accounts, so nothing slips through the cracks that may hurt your online reputation.

  • Social Media Advertising

    Paid advertising is a powerful, often quick ROI-producing tool on social media. One of the main benefits of social media advertising is you can set a specific region or city to target your ads—so your ads will be directly shown to a Gainesville audience and surrounding communities. Learn more about how our local PPC strategies work to increase your conversions.

  • Social Media Strategy

    As easy as it may seem, social media is more than creating content and posting it on your account. What you write, the photos you use, and even the time you post can all affect your engagement and ability to be seen by the Gainesville community. Luckily, our team works with social media and forms strategies every day! We’ll help your engagement improve by taking advantage of proven social media strategies and keeping a pulse on the ever-changing nature of social media.

  • Social Media Content Curation

    Did you know Instagram has a word character limit of 2,200, LinkedIn has a limit of 3,000 characters, and Facebook allows you to write over 63,000 characters? While graphics and videos may be eye-catching, the importance of curated content on social media cannot be understated. The trick is knowing the right things to write to draw in a Gainesville audience. Our experienced team of writers and social media experts will strike the perfect balance of length, engagement, and keyword usage to create social media content for you!

  • Scheduling & Monitoring

    Why do tomorrow what you can do today? That’s our team’s motto for sending posts out on a regular schedule. We schedule all your posts ahead of time, so you never have to worry about a missed post. But once we send out the post into the world, the work is not over! We monitor the post’s performance and determine what content increases engagement by analyzing historical data.

Social Media Channels We Manage


The Gainesville community is active and thriving on Facebook, and as the largest social media platform, we suggest you take advantage of this wide user base. From text posts to photos to videos to direct messaging, Facebook is a great option to reach your audience in a variety of different ways. We use Facebook to promote community engagement through curated content, highlight sales and upcoming events, and share insights about our client’s industry.


If you’re looking for a younger audience base, Instagram is a great option. While you can only share photos and videos, features like stories allow you to post current events. Instagram also has a useful location feature so you can tag your posts and stories as taking place in Gainesville—increasing your visibility in our community. We craft beautifully designed posts to make your Instagram page a delight for your audience to look at and engage with.


LinkedIn is a great platform to establish thought leadership, connect with other businesses, and promote open positions within your company. With LinkedIn, you can connect with other Gainesville businesses and learn from what trends they’re following. We use LinkedIn to share blog posts and launch hiring campaigns for our clients.

X (Formerly Twitter)

X (formerly known as Twitter) is one of the best platforms for niche topics and interacting with your audience directly. Many users turn to X to communicate any comments or concerns they may have about a business—this provides you with the unique opportunity to engage your audience and address any issues in real-time. Interacting with local Gainesville businesses allows the wider community to see your brand and visit your X page. We utilize X’s casual, friendly environment to showcase your brand’s personality and follow Gainesville trends.

See how our Gainesville social media management services can transform your results!

Our Approach as a Local Social Media Agency

Cross-Channel Marketing

With so many social media platforms available, there’s no need to limit yourself to one! At PHOS, our team utilizes cross-channel marketing so that your message is shared on all active platforms you have for your business. Whether paid or organic, we engage your audience on the platform they use—promoting brand consistency throughout the internet.

Strategic Social Media Planning

As we mentioned, social media takes strategy—but we also understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing success. When you work with our team, we’ll create a strategic social media plan that’s unique to your business. From content calendars to A/B testing on social ads, we’ll make sure that our services match and meet your goals, wants, and needs for your social media presence.

Proactive Research of the Local Community

The best way to know the people of Gainesville and how to reach them is by proactively researching how they interact with the businesses around them. We dedicate time to researching local trends, interests, wants, and needs and use that data to inform our social media strategy for your business. By understanding the Gainesville community, we can help you benefit our neighbors through your services!

Authentic Connections with Your Target Audience

We believe that trust is one of the most important things for marketing success. Why would the community invest in a business they don’t trust? Luckily, social media is a great way to build authentic connections with your audience and convey trust in the way you communicate. We view social media as an extension of your company’s mission, vision, and values—a way to highlight your commitment to bringing great products or services to the Gainesville community.

Why PHOS for Gainesville Social Media Management?

When you partner with PHOS, you join in our mission. While you may be looking for social media management services, your decision to partner with our team helps us fulfill our mission to the local community and the world. We partner with local and international nonprofits through Created Gainesville and Compassion International. Each and every one of our clients allows us to support these organizations and bring freedom to women and children impacted by sex trafficking and extreme poverty.

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