Attract the Right Talent with Recruitment Marketing

Improve your hiring efforts with inbound marketing strategies.

Reaching and attracting the right candidates for your open positions is very similar to guiding a potential customer through the buying journey. You want to attract the right people, educate them about your organization and your career opportunities, and then convince them to apply.

Recruitment is a form of lead generation, but these leads are crucial to growing your business while protecting the things you value. At PHOS, we’ve helped organizations across the nation reach and exceed their business goals. We’ve assisted these businesses find and hire the right people, allowing them to further pursue their goals.

Building the Components of a Robust Hiring Strategy

Recruitment marketing is more than just posting an open position on LinkedIn. An intentional process and strategy is required to find the right people for your growing organization. Not only do you run the risk of wasting time and money if you hire incorrectly, but your business is threatened when the wrong people are working for your organization.

We leverage the following strategies when building out a robust hiring plan.

Encourage Applications with Strong Digital Experiences

Having a reliable and trustworthy website is essential to gaining more customers. But have you considered the impact your website has on your hiring efforts? Building functional, yet beautiful websites is one of the ways that PHOS can support your recruitment and lead generation efforts.

This is especially true for highlighting your organization’s why and creating engaging careers pages to collect applications. You can view some of our favorite careers pages we’ve created for JBPro, Oak Hall School, and ourselves.

Reach Potential Applicants Where They Are

Having a stunning destination for prospective hires is great, but how are you getting them there? Your team of marketers at PHOS will help you and your HR department craft multi-channel campaigns to reach applicants where they are online. This is done through a variety of strategies, including:

  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting

Showcase Your Culture Online

You want your potential candidates to visualize themselves working at your organization and enjoying their job. Words can only do so much. You need to show off your culture digitally to make that emotional connection.
Investing in photography is one of the best ways to highlight your team and your organization’s culture. This can be done through website photography, fun headshots, or photos of your office.

Additionally, highlighting your organization’s story through videography is a compelling way to make human connections with applicants before you even start the interview process. We’ve partnered with organizations locally and nationally to share their story that not only displays expertise in their industry but makes their hiring efforts that much more powerful.

Need On-Brand Hiring Materials? We’ve Got You Covered

Hiring is more than just an online experience. We know businesses like yours are attending networking events and trade shows to find new talent. Our designers are eager to equip you with the right tools to communicate your brand visually and verbally. We can help design assets like:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Culture handbooks
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Booth designs
  • Merchandise
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“When we partnered with PHOS to design and build our website, our goal was to attract more customers with an industry-leading aesthetic and online presence. This has happened along with an unexpected secondary benefit of attracting top talent—our best new hires have reached out to us from across the country based on our website!”

– Jean Dalton, Cherokee Rose Sporting Clays

Elevate Your Hiring Efforts with PHOS Creative

Avoid the heartbreak of waiting around for the right candidates to apply to your open positions. Partnering with PHOS Creative instantly multiplies your recruitment marketing to help you attract the right talent in a shorter amount of time.

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