January 3, 2024

6 Lead-Generation Strategies Home Service Providers Should Prioritize in 2024

As we kick off the new year, you might find yourself both excited and terrified about the possibilities 2024 holds. While we can’t predict the future, we can help point you in the right direction of where to invest your marketing resources as a home service provider.

Read on to learn about the top 6 lead-generation opportunities you should consider this year.

1. Google Local Service Ads

While Google Local Service Ads have been on the digital scene for some time now, only recently have more home service providers been able to see success on the platform.

A majority of home service providers can take advantage of the benefits of being Google Guaranteed (the green check mark on Google). GLS ads appear at the very top of search results, making it desirable to invest here. While there is some initial time investment to get Google Guaranteed, it can be worth it if the lead value is right.

GLS ads are primed to capture one-time emergency service calls for home service providers. This means if someone’s air goes out or they discover a pest problem, they can quickly connect with a trusted provider. You’ll want to be shown when that opportunity arises so you can build confidence with these potential customers.

What we’ve learned from several clients that leverage GLS ads is that you have to be willing to invest a pretty large budget to find the sweet spot. Of course, this also means you’ll need to determine the right maximum cost per lead number to ensure the most ROI. If you’re willing to stay competitive in the market, GLS ads are one of the best ways to increase your leads this year.

2. Videography

You might be wondering, “How the heck is video going to bring me more business?”

It’s a valid question. However, as a digital marketing agency that knows the value of investing in trust and awareness, video is one of the best ways to supercharge the rest of your marketing strategy.

Social Media Advertising

Video can specifically multiply your social media advertising efforts. Users are 6 times more likely to engage with video than a photo or static graphic. This means if you are investing in social media, you’ll want to invest wisely. The time and resources it requires to create a professional video will pay off tremendously with your paid and organic efforts.

One of our home service clients has seen a wildly low cost-per-click on their social media video ads as opposed to static creative. This resulted in a 43% reduction in cost and an increase of 21% in actions taken.

Website Engagement

Another benefit of adding video to your strategy in the new year includes boosting engagement on your website. Video will be the most effective way to keep users on your website longer. This means improvements in website engagement rates, organic rankings, and conversion rates.

In fact, according to Wyzowl, 68% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services.

Even if you choose to leverage B-roll footage with no audio, users will be more likely to explore more of your site because they are more drawn to video.

Search Engine Optimization

With improvements in how long people are staying on your website, there are obvious SEO benefits of incorporating video onto your site. But did you know that videos are also another gateway for people to find your organization?

Search engine result pages (SERPs) incorporate video content near the top. Adding videos to the mix could mean more visibility on search engines. Plus, when you add your videos to YouTube, you can capitalize on reaching far more people than relying on blogging alone.

3. Customer Reviews

If you have not already, it’s extremely beneficial to invest in a review generation and management tool such as BirdEye or Podium. Word-of-mouth (both digital and literal) is still one of the most common ways home service providers gain new customers. And, if you’re running Google Local Service Ads, reviews are a huge consideration for how your ads will appear.

Reviews are a form of social proof, proving to new customers that your home service will do what they say they will do and seek customer satisfaction.

According to Bright Local’s 2023 report, 76% of customers “regularly” read online reviews before they decide to work with a local business.

4. Email Automation

Email marketing offers the unique opportunity to connect directly with your current or potential customers. Ads can be skipped over and social media posts can be missed, but people are consistently checking their email inboxes. Home service providers can leverage email marketing to create strong calls to action at the right times to incite more conversions. Plus, businesses can experience, on average, a $36 return for every dollar spent on email marketing.

For example, if someone requests a quote from your roofing company but doesn’t respond after the initial follow-up, you can create an email sequence that automatically follows up with the customer with:

On the other hand, if you’re looking to grow your recurring business, you can implement timely automations to nurture a one-time customer to sign on for a monthly or quarterly plan. Or, you can share helpful information with your current recurring customers to keep them engaged and find value in working with you consistently.

5. Google Search Ads

While we have found our home service clients see more quantity of leads from Google Local Service Ads, we have also experienced the benefits of adding Google Search Ads to their paid strategy. Google Local Service Ads meet customers who are ready to make a decision—their roof is leaking, or their AC went out.

Google Search Ads can be leveraged to go after more specific keywords outside of the broader industry terms to capture more customers. Additionally, you can implement branded campaigns that target your brand search terms. These are relatively cheap campaigns, but they ensure that your competitors aren’t ranking for your own business name and taking potential customers right from under you!

There is a lot more ownership when it comes to Google Search Ads. You can manually adjust bids, drill down on keywords, and test out different headings and descriptions to maximize results. Google Local Service Ads are more limited in what a business can make changes to. Together, they make a dynamic pairing to bring in the most leads!

For one of our pest control clients, we have been able to use Google Search Ads to increase their CTR by 223% and reduce their cost per conversion by 93% (from $146 to around $10)!

6. Content Marketing

If ranking high on search engines is important to you (which it absolutely should be), then it’s a no-brainer that you should be putting out content regularly. Answering the questions that your target audience is asking is the best way to stay competitive organically while also displaying your expertise in your industry. Some examples could include:

SEO is a long-term strategy, so when you are looking at your prioritization of marketing strategies at the beginning of the year, you’ll see more immediate results with paid advertising. But that doesn’t mean you should count out SEO investments. By leveraging content marketing, blog, or new website content, you’ll be making deposits into the long-term success of ranking ahead of your competitors online. In today’s digital landscape, more and more companies are using AI content generation tools to produce generic advice at scale. It’s more important than ever to provide your unique insights based on real-world experience.

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