Email Marketing

Connect with customers through tailored messages.

It takes an average of seven touchpoints with your brand in order for someone to remember it. Marketing’s purpose is to reach the right people on the right platforms with the right messages to expedite this process and earn more results.

Email marketing is one of the most valuable tools you can add to your marketing arsenal. It’s rich in ROI and offers one-on-one communication to potential customers.

With your team of marketers at PHOS, we can explore how to leverage the correct emails and cadences to earn more conversions to help reach your goals.

Improve Your Marketing Results with Email

Email marketing works in tandem with your other initiatives, bolstering results and creating more brand touchpoints. We use the following tactics and techniques to find email success for our clients.

Grow Your Subscriber List

You may have a list of contacts spanning multiple decades, or you might be starting from scratch. Either way, growing your subscriber base is one of the core tenets of our email strategy.

Not only do we want to gain more subscribers and retain them, but we also want to make sure we’re capturing users who are qualified to convert. Our marketers will craft custom campaigns to capture interest across your digital channels to drive new subscribers. We’ll also verify the right collection points—whether on your website or social media—are engaging and functional.

One-Time Email Communications

The most common way to connect with your customers is through one-time email communications. This is the fastest, most effective way to get customers informed, excited, and engaged with new information or products.


Email newsletters are great for organizations in almost every industry to connect with their customers. It’s one of the first email strategies we implement for our clients because its structure and rhythm are designed to not overwhelm your subscribers.

Most newsletters are sent on a monthly or quarterly basis and include industry announcements, news from your team, and helpful resources for your customers. These newsletters are unique to your business and brand. Regular newsletters invite your customers to connect with the current events happening in your business and offer clear calls to action to interact with your services and products.

Sales Promotions

Ecommerce businesses rely on email marketing to drive more sales for their products. But these aren’t the only organizations that can benefit from sales promotion emails. Most businesses that are selling products or services can find success with promotional emails tailored to their customers’ buying patterns.

We regularly send sales emails for Ward’s Supermarket, a local grocer in Gainesville, to highlight their weekly sales and products. These emails are sent to thousands of customers on a weekly basis, keeping the brand top-of-mind while encouraging customers to visit the store and take advantage of the weekly deals.

Updates & Announcements

Your business may need to get the word out about a new initiative or event quickly—email can help it get off the ground. If you are looking to inform your subscribers sooner rather than later, emails are the best way to communicate directly with them. Where social media can help spread the word about an event, fundraising need, or new products or services, you can’t always guarantee that all of your current or potential customers will see it. Email, on the other hand, offers a direct line of communication to the people you need to speak with.

Fundraising Initiatives

If you are a non-profit organization, you rely on consistent communication with your pool of donors and potential donors. It’s imperative that you leverage email marketing to further your fundraising goals and initiatives. Connecting directly with your subscribers will result in a stronger emotional connection to your cause, clarity around where fundraising dollars are going, and celebration of the milestones your supporters have helped reach.

Nurture & Drip Campaign Development

One-time emails are a great starting point for organizations that want to up their email game, but there’s so much more to explore through email marketing. There are two specific campaign opportunities with email marketing: nurture and drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns are time-based, leveraging a series of emails to send over a specific length of time. These are implemented for organizations looking to inform a set of users (if not their whole audience) with important information. Nurture campaigns are different from drip campaigns because they are behavior-based rather than time-based. These campaigns incorporate “if-else” conditional logic to create more customized journeys for a user based on the actions they take (or don’t take).

These campaigns can guide your customers through a journey based on where they are in their decision-making process. We also leverage these types of campaigns with lead magnets on your website, your digital advertising messages, and current campaigns.

Our Email Marketing Services

  • Custom Email Designs

    Your emails should sound and feel like your brand. Our designers will create custom email designs to keep your messages on-brand and visually appealing.

  • Content Development

    Our team will work with you to develop the right content for each email we send. This includes copywriting, graphic design, quality assurance, and UTM linking.

  • Automation Implementation

    Eager to utilize email marketing automation? We’ll make sure that the right automated messages are implemented for your business to connect with your subscribers 24/7.

  • Monitoring and Tracking

    Execution is half of the equation when it comes to email. We’ll monitor the success of your email campaigns, reporting on key metrics like open rate, click rate, unsubscribes, and subscriber growth. Based on these findings, we’ll pivot our strategy to maximize results.

  • A/B Testing

    One of the best ways to refine our email strategy is to incorporate A/B testing to see which subject lines, email layouts, calls to action, and content perform better with your audience.

  • Nurture & Drip Campaigns

    Based on your holistic marketing strategy, we’ll explore opportunities to include email campaigns into your larger marketing focuses each quarter.

  • Ecommerce Integration

    If you’re an ecommerce organization, we’ll work with your ecommerce platform to ensure that the proper emails are in place to lead to more sales online. We’ll explore the best messages for abandoned carts, sale announcements, discounts, and offers.

Interested in Elevating Your Email Strategy?

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