July 6, 2017

The Lights Are On: PHOS Welcomes Clients to an Open House

If you’ve been following our adventures on Facebook lately, you’ve no doubt noticed that we’ve had some exciting things happening recently. Our Open House event was more than just showing the new space. It was a celebration of how we’ve grown together. We are thrilled to share with you everything that’s been going on and share the next chapter of our story, and how you (yes, you!) made it happen.

Why We’ve Grown

Brandon, our CEO, loves telling this story, and there’s no surprise why. Simply put, PHOS has grown to represent better what we do here: help our clients be the light in a saturated digital space. Like the lightbulbs in our foyer use electricity to shine bright, we plug into the mission of our clients and use it to market their story and achieve their vision.

Every client is different, and PHOS has a diverse group of clients that we serve. We thrive on building relationships with each client we serve and get to know them on a level that transcends business. We become friends. We become allies. We become partners. We do this because knowing our clients’ stories beyond just “what they do” builds identity: it defines what they do and why.

Hello, Space

Our new space represents how we plan to best serve the vision of or clients and represents the mission we have here. Every painting, light bulb, color, and decoration fuels our passion for helping our clients shine. The light bulb fixture in our foyer is the perfect representation of that.

hanging lightbulbs

Welcome to PHOS

PHOS is a place for you to build relationships and have in-depth conversations about your business and your vision. This is the place where we create, strategize, and market through the mission of our clients. It’s as much a place for you as it is for us because your stories fuel everything we do here.

The Creative Space

This space is made for just that: creativity. Creativity is one of our core values, and every detail in this space helps our team to shine for our clients. Here’s where we make the magic happen:

Team of experienced professional digital marketers and web design consultants

The Campfire

The Campfire of our office space encompasses another one of the core values here at PHOS: Community. If you’ve ever been to a campfire (hopefully you have, because #smores), it’s all about coming together to share stories, ideas, and good times. The Campfire is where our team collaborates on projects, gets a different perspective, and flexes our brain muscles to get results for our clients.

PHOS team members collaborating in the studio

Compassion International Wall

One of our favorite features about the new space is the reminder that we, along with our clients’ help, are making an impact on the world around us. This wall shows photos and stories from children we sponsor through Compassion International, a child-advocacy ministry that releases children from physical, spiritual, social, and economic poverty. It showcases our Global Mission and reminds us here at PHOS that we are a part of something bigger.

PHOS Open House

On Wednesday, June 21st, PHOS opened its doors to our clients for the first time since our remodel. We wanted to share the space with those who had been such an integral part of creating it, and show that while our name had changed, we were still the same people committed to helping our clients shine.

While the evening started a little on the rainy side, the minute someone stepped through the doors, they were greeted with friendly faces, warm laughter, and the aroma of delicious food. It was a night for our clients and an opportunity to reconnect to share how far we’ve come together.

Guests mingled in the areas around the office and enjoyed delicious food, drinks, and desserts catered by Celebrations Catering. We also enjoyed the musical talents of Mike Gilland, a local Gainesville musician. The beautiful guitar music and delicious food provided the perfect atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Guests, clients, friends, and family all meandered through our new studio and shared stories and memories of the journey they’ve shared with us. Some even stopped to take a picture at our Photo Booth, complete with props and lots of laughs.

The evening was capped off with a speech by Brandon sharing the journey of West Designs to PHOS. Brandon talked about how much the company has grown and how much it has changed to serve our clients’ needs.

Starting with simple web design to grow into a company that features strategic consulting, inbound marketing, branding, and web design, Brandon explained the need to change the company’s name to encompass all that we do here and the people who make it happen.

All in all, the evening was a great celebration of a milestone for our agency and an exciting new chapter in the story we’re writing with our clients. We are so thankful to share this journey with you, and we look forward to celebrating more milestones in the future.

Let’s keep shining together!

Kristen Goodin

Kristen Goodin

Kristen strives to make every interaction a memorable one and excels at strengthening brand identity in an increasingly digital world. As an Inbound Marketing Executive, she works with our clients to communicate and connect with their customers, and build meaningful relationships that last.