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Increase your impact and grow your donor base.

Bringing more awareness to your nonprofit organization is a large part of your marketing strategy. But more than that, you wish to create deep, long-lasting donor relationships that help fuel your mission.

We get it. Like you, we believe in work that is for a greater purpose. If you’re unsure where to start or how to take your marketing to the next level, learn how we might be able to help.

How Can a Digital Marketing Agency Help My Nonprofit?

Nonprofit organizations face a unique set of challenges, the largest being a lack of resources. When it comes to digital marketing for nonprofits, you can find yourself or your team strapped for time or expertise.

Hiring a nonprofit marketing agency can be the solution. By partnering with a team of professionals with experience in nonprofit marketing, you can expand your marketing team and improve your results. You can achieve this at a comparable cost to hiring a full-time team member.

Plus, by working with a mission-minded company like PHOS, you can rest assured that we get you. We operate as a Business as a Ministry (BaaM), so we resonate with the impactful work nonprofit organizations, like yours, are championing. We are passionate about bringing more awareness to your cause and converting more donors.

Nonprofit Marketing Agency: What We Do

A strong digital marketing strategy incorporates various channels to reach users where they are. For nonprofit organizations, your marketing efforts are focused on:

  • Increasing visibility and awareness.
  • Improving donor engagement and conversions.
  • Maximizing limited budgets.
  • Showcasing impact.

With a strong digital marketing strategy in place, you can achieve all of these things. Learn more about how we help nonprofits improve their marketing results with the following competencies.

  • Email Marketing & Automation

    Nonprofits that have been around for a little while will have a growing supporter and donor base. Continuous support from your donors is the lifeblood of a nonprofit. To protect and nurture these donor relationships, email marketing will be one of the best ways to do this consistently.

    Engaging a potential donor through key nurture email campaigns or sending timely information to continuous donors are both examples of how email marketing can increase your donations.

    We leverage one-time emails and strategic drip email campaigns to improve your marketing efforts. Additionally, we’ll create donor behavior segments to encourage more action depending on the level of engagement.


  • Social Media Marketing

    Building a community online is one of the best ways to increase your cause’s awareness and invite more people to engage. Nonprofit organizations that invest in continuous, on-brand social media marketing can improve their marketing results.

    For our nonprofit social media marketing strategies, we feature posts largely focused on education and community engagement. But we’ll also work with you to develop a content strategy that highlights key events and initiatives—achieving your goals of fostering a strong online community of loyal supporters who take action for your cause.


  • Content Marketing

    Storytelling can be the bridge between your organization and a potential donor. Not only can content marketing improve your organic presence, but it can also be a driver of action. By sharing stories about the recipients of your work or the realities of what your organization hopes to help or eliminate, you can create a strong emotional connection to your cause.


  • Google Ad Grants Management

    Google Ad Grants are a great opportunity for nonprofits to take advantage of paid advertising without having to craft a budget for it. Google Ad Grants are available to qualifying charities and nonprofits where Google provides a monthly grant budget to run ad campaigns. After being approved for the grant, Google provides you with a budget of $10,000/month to run PPC campaigns on their Google Ads platform.

    Partnering with you, we’ll craft Google Ad campaigns, set up conversions, and monitor your ads to improve your results. We’ve seen success with building brand awareness for your organization and encouraging more donations through Google Ad Grants.

  • Social Media Advertising

    We can help energize your social media strategy with strong social media ad campaigns. Our approach involves using techniques to boost your organization’s visibility and create ads that effectively drive donations. We’ve helped nonprofits achieve both of these goals while protecting a limited budget.


  • Campaign Planning & Management

    We know your organization has key fundraising events throughout the year plus nonprofit-specific holidays like Giving Tuesday. We’ll work with you to plan a strong campaign calendar based on your needs. From there, we’ll develop the campaign plan, create the supporting materials needed, launch the campaign, and monitor its performance. This means less stress for you and your team as well as a better understanding of your campaign efforts.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Nonprofit organizations can still benefit from investing in search engine optimization. You’ll want to leverage strong brand authority from your various digital marketing efforts. There are opportunities to meet donors and potential recipients of your efforts through SEO strategies.

    Your team will determine your SEO goals and make a plan to reach them. Through technical improvements, content optimization, and keyword research, we can reach users through search engines so they can learn more about your organization and get involved.


  • Event Marketing

    In addition to supporting your digital marketing campaigns that highlight key events and needs based on your goals, we can also help you market any events you host throughout the year. For most nonprofits, you will have at least one big fundraising event a year. We can help support you through event promotion, event branding, graphic design support, and post-event marketing.

  • Marketing Consulting

    Maybe you don’t have all the resources you need to hire a marketing agency to execute your marketing fully. Fortunately, we offer marketing consulting services to nonprofits to overcome this challenge.

    You’ll work with a marketer to explore your goals and create a plan to improve upon your current marketing efforts. We’ll also help you identify future opportunities that you should invest in. Our collaborative approach empowers you and your team to find digital marketing success by working with experienced marketing professionals. We can help you improve results on a specific channel or help you develop a stronger nonprofit marketing plan.

Create Trust with Future Donors

Increasing brand awareness can be that much easier when you have a brand system that donors and community members can trust. If you only invest in marketing and not your entire brand, you’ll face more challenges.

Building trust is an essential part of nonprofit success. In order to reach your goals and create a lasting impact, you’ll need to ensure that your organization is worthy of trust. By investing in your brand—including your website and supporting visuals—you can achieve earning your audience’s trust.

Nonprofit Website Design

Is your nonprofit’s website breaking or building trust? By investing in a professional, easy-to-use website, you can better communicate your “why” and improve the likelihood of someone supporting your cause. Our website design and development process is proven to help nonprofits like yours succeed online.

Branding Your Nonprofit Organization

Our branding services extend much further than just giving your logo design an upgrade. You can choose to partner with us for an entire rebrand or breathe new life into your existing brand. Our design experts will uncover the heart of your organization and create a brand that showcases who you are.

Encourage Connection with Photo & Video

Emotional connection will be foundational to your long-lasting donor relationships. Captivating visuals through nonprofit photography and videography can expedite the time it takes a potential donor to trust you.

When you partner with our creative media specialists, you can enhance your cause’s appeal with photos that invite people in and videos that highlight your unique “why.”

PHOS team testimonial iconography

“PHOS has partnered with us with incredible creativity, heart, vision, and expertise and works with us to the highest standard. They truly make every appointment feel like the joy and privilege is theirs to be working with us and equipping us for greater impact. I can’t tell how much that means to me personally and to our staff to join up with a team who shares in our mission and vision for reaching and restoring lives impacted by sex trafficking and sexual exploitation across our state.”

– Alison Ungaro, Created Gainesville

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