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Achieve trust and awareness through a consistent, eye-catching brand.

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Often, when people think of branding, their first thought is a logo. While a memorable logo is important, your brand is so much more. As a local business, your brand is how you present yourself to the Gainesville community—from look and feel to how you communicate. A strong, consistent brand is key to standing out from your competitors. Learn how PHOS builds brands that reach our local community of Gainesville!

Why Local Gainesville Businesses Need a Consistent Brand

Regardless of your industry, Gainesville is brimming with fantastic local businesses, making it harder to stand out and attract your target audience. That’s where branding comes in.

When you invest in your brand with PHOS, we’ll help you discover your “buyer personas” (fictional representations of your target audience) and craft your brand to not only match their expectations but to fully showcase your company’s personality and mission. With a strong, consistent brand across all your marketing channels, you’ll be able to build trust and awareness with your Gainesville audience online and create lasting business relationships.

Our Gainesville Branding Services

Your brand is wholly unique to you and your business. Whether you’re looking for a new brand to launch to the world or just need help with a couple of brand assets, our Gainesville branding services can help breathe new life into your brand!

  • Logo Design

    While your brand is more than just a logo, a recognizable logo helps you stay top of mind. Our designers will work with you to create a logo that encompasses your company’s offerings and mission. We’ll make sure we fully understand your wants, needs, and goals for the logo so that you can feel confident displaying your new logo to the world.

  • Brand Refresh

    Whether your brand is just a bit outdated or you’re unhappy with a couple of pieces of your current brand, we can help you revive your brand. We’ll help you identify the areas of your brand that aren’t reaching the wider Gainesville community and develop a strategy to elevate your brand. Sometimes, a brand refresh is all you need to start seeing your desired results pour in!

  • Positioning Strategy

    The Gainesville community is diverse—from University of Florida students to young families to retirees, the Gainesville community has different wants, needs, and ways they communicate. Our positioning strategy will act as a guide on how you come across to the specific groups within the Gainesville community. Our positioning strategies include unique attributes, service offerings, and key brand messages to create clarity on who you’re reaching and your placement in the Gainesville market.

  • Messaging Strategy

    While the visuals of your brand are often what draw a person’s attention, your content has to be just as strong and consistent in order to solidify yourself as a trustworthy brand and company in Gainesville. Our copywriters will help you discover and clarify your brand’s voice and tone, communication style, and key messages. You can then use your messaging strategy to inform your communication across all your marketing and business channels.

  • Brand Name Selection

    We know your brand’s name can be a very personal decision and changing it is often overwhelming. How do you pick the perfect name from the endless sea of possibilities? Our team is here to help you walk through this journey! We use proven strategies and utilize our marketing expertise to not only discover a name that encapsulates your company but also helps you stand out from your competitors.

  • Style Guide Development

    With branding, consistency is key. When you want to create a new branding or marketing asset, you’ll need to ensure it matches the brand you’ve already established with your audience. To help you remain consistent, we develop style guides that contain everything that makes your brand. From fonts and colors to logo use and more, we’ll define the guardrails of your brand so you can confidently create new assets that match your brand.

  • Print Collateral

    Having something physical to hand out is often a great way to reach our local Gainesville community. Business cards, posters, and signs capture local attention and draw them to your business. Our designers will work with you to create beautiful custom graphics that translate directly to print.

  • Graphic Design Assets

    Custom graphic design on your site, social media, and online ads can help you stand out from other local businesses. By partnering with PHOS for ongoing graphic design assets, you’ll be able to receive high-quality designs that can be used throughout all your marketing channels on a frequent basis.

Create a brand that stands out when you partner with PHOS Creative!

Our Process for Elevating Your Brand

We know that entrusting your brand with a company can feel scary, but it doesn’t have to be with PHOS. Every branding service we provide is backed by years of experience, research, and proven results. When you work with PHOS, you get to experience the following:

We Provide Excellent Communication

Your brand is personal to you and your business, so you should know everything that is happening when we work on your branding. We’ll provide frequent updates and communication checkpoints with you. We see our work as a partnership with you, so you never have to feel in the dark about what we’re doing.

Our Process Is Proven

We’ve helped companies throughout the Gainesville area create a whole new brand, refresh their brands, or design brand assets. When you work with us, you can rest assured, knowing that our strategies have achieved proven results with local businesses just like yours.

We Guide You with Creative Strategic Leadership

You are the expert at what you do, and we are the expert in branding services. Together, we combine our knowledge to create a brand and creative strategy that fully captures your company.

Our Approach Is Personalized to You

No two home service companies, schools, healthcare companies, or businesses are the same—in the same vein, our approach cannot be the same to achieve success for your business. Our branding services are personalized to you and your brand so that you receive a final product that is wholly unique and helps you be seen.

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Why PHOS for Gainesville Branding?

Working with PHOS is more than just a marketing partnership. With every new project and client, we get to directly pour back into the Gainesville community and the world around us. We partner with local and international nonprofits like Created and Compassion International to care for women and children impacted by sex trafficking and extreme poverty. When you choose PHOS, you join us in our mission and help us continue supporting these nonprofits.

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